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Elvis Perkins in Dearland @ NEWPORT

I was lucky enough to be at the 50th anniversary of the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend. I missed most of the Joan Baez set to watch Elvis Perkins in Dearland. Totally worth it, one of the best sets all weekend! He really mixed the set up some from Ash Wednesday, some from In Dearland, some new songs (they announced that EPID has a new EP coming out in October!), and they did a few traditional folk songs.

So GOOD!! I want to share some pics with everyone here, they are behind the cut :)

Sweet Roseanne (traditional)
I Heard Your Voice Dresden
Chains Chains Chains
Hours Last Stand
Weeping Mary (traditional)
I'll Be Arriving
Stop Drop & Rock N Roll
Gypsy Davy (traditional)
Stay Zombie Stay (new)
Four Strong Winds (traditional)
Old Ship Of Zion (w/ Tim Eriksen) [traditional]
While You Were Sleeping

tim eriksen and his gang out to play a song with EPID

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